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Backups, Old Hardware and Data Corruption

Read this!! It could save you from misery and frustration!

You all would have read countless newsletters and guides suggesting you take regular backups of your systems. What you don't hear about so often is the importance of having up to date, reliable hardware.

Recently, one of our clients called because they couldn't connect to their ClientConnect database - even though everything was perfectly normal the day before. After some diagnosis by our friendly Support Team, it was discovered that the database had been marked as 'suspect' in SQL which indicates that the data had become corrupt.

This type of issue is most commonly caused by failing hardware, bad sectors on a drive etc. It turned out that this computer was several years old, had less than 2 GB of RAM and was still running Windows XP - definitely time to update!

There was a happy ending to this story, as the client had a backup from lunch time the day before. We were able to restore the database and send the client out computer shopping with no major interruptions to the business. Phew!

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