Great news!! On behalf of our customers I am pleased to advise that we have successfully negotiated new lower SMS rates with our integration partner, MessageNet. These are effective immediately.

Rates for customers that purchase their SMS credits via our co-hosted webpage will find the rates have dropped on average by more than 30% from 24 to 25 cents per SMS to 16.7 cents per SMS. That means you can now take advantage of ClientConnect’s SMS capabilities for even less.

To take advantage of this preferential pricing you must purchase your credits from the co-hosted MessageNet webpage.

 Click Here

To learn more about the SMS capabilities of ClientConnect please read our Issue 30 of The Pulse Newsletter which you can find along with our other newsletters on our support site or simply contact the support team.

Why not use the booking reminders to reduce now shows; send your trainers a list of their upcoming bookings and keep in touch with clients with adhoc and mail-merge SMS’s. Your members and clients will appreciate the higher level of service and help you continue to grow your business.

More ways to engage and motivate your clients and help them achieve their goals.


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