The suite of ClientConnect™ technologies are designed with a very special philosophy in mind.

Different software providers have different ideas of what constitutes great software for the small business. ClientConnect, with its many years of research, development, refinement and feedback from many small businesses on their technology requirements has developed what we call the ClientConnect Design Philosophy. We make sure that these ideas are reflected in every single aspect of the product, from the installation process to the experience you encounter when you first run the software to the ongoing system maintenance requirements - everything in the ClientConnect™ technology suite reflects what we see as the needs of the small business.

We also readily admit when we do not have the expertise to offer a particular function or feature BUT we do not let that stop us delivering the very best all encompassing solution to support your business. We do this by partnering with the leaders in their respective fields of expertise. We offer intergation with billing providers, exercise programming specialists, nutrition management experts, 24/7 access control, retention management specialists, SMS providers and more. Refer to the Links Section or visit for more details.

System Requirements:

Many so-called 'small-business software' personal training and fitness industry suites are so large and complex that they require complicated, expensive and difficult-to-maintain systems, such as dedicated network or database servers, installation of third-party supporting applications and assume you are running an enterprise-level network structure. ClientConnect's assumptions are based on reality. All that is ever required as mandatory is a single computer running Microsoft Windows. No servers. No networks. No database servers. Of course, if you are lucky enough to have all these things then ClientConnect will happily take advantage of them, but they are absolutely not required. Please refer to the Technical Requirements section for more details or contact us.

Installation Procedure:

Related to the System Requirements point above, often products are so in-depth and complicated that you cannot perform the installation and set-up yourself.  Instead, you are expected to pay for a specialist consultant to come in and spend the hours required to get you up and running at considerable cost. 
Installations of ClientConnect-based products are all very simple using quick installation wizards that usually only require a few mouse clicks.  Anyone can spend the couple of minutes required to install ClientConnect, regardless of your level of technical expertise.  Getting up and running is an 'out-of-the-box' affair with ClientConnect. But we provide full support and training services to ensure you get the most out of the system.

Expertise Level Required by Users:

Following on from the installation, ClientConnect is painstakingly researched, designed, refined and tested to ensure that as a small business owner, you are free to concentrate on what you do best - operate your business - and not have to worry about becoming a computer expert just to use our software.  'Ease-of-use' is not a throw-away line with ClientConnect.

Design Aesthetics and User Experience:

Just because software for small business is meant for work, that doesn't mean it doesn't have to look great and give you a great user experience.  ClientConnect is renowned for its design that not only works but looks fantastic, encompasses the latest in user interface standards and is enjoyable to use.  ClientConnect is held up in a well-known Melbourne university as an example of great software and industrial design in one of their computer science courses.

Ongoing System Maintenance Requirements:

The initial purchase, implementation and training of a software suite is only the beginning for many software products.  Due to overly complex designs and architectures, a lot of products require or assume your business has a full-time IT person on staff to manage and maintain your system.  This is unrealistic for most small businesses. ClientConnect is designed with the assumption that you do not have in-house technical resources or expertise.  Anyone can set up and manage the software without needing to become computer experts. 

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