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ClientConnect has a Gradings/Program Tracking System where you can define levels that a client must progress through in order to achieve a certain ranking or target. For example the colour belts that must be passed before you can achieve a martial arts ranking. It could also be configured for Weight Loss challenges, different Courses within a Bootcamp style program or even just to track your VIP customers. You define the levels and the requirements for each level in terms of classes attended or hours completed.

Features include:

  • Configuring program levels and requirements.
  • Tracking sessions or time.
  • Linking programs to specific classes.
  • Adjusting achieved and required settings.
  • Manually or auto-promoting members.
  • Tracking multiple programs and disciplines for members.


 Create new gradings and programs.

 gradings setup

Visually track clients and member's progress through a grading or program.


Identify clients/members eligible to be graded.


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