ClientConnect: Designed to Meet Your Business Needs..... Priced to Meet Your Budget!

ClientConnect is available in 5 different incremental Editions to allow you to start small and cost effectively upgrade as your business grows. Starting from as low as $50 per month including full support and regular software updates.
All ClientConnect Editions provide the same product functionality. So even the smallest operators can benefit from the full range of features the system has to offer, therefore allowing them the ability to operate their business in the same way the larger studios and clubs do.

Each Edition is merely defined by the number of Active Client/Member Records, Booking Resources, Booking Types and Workstations it allows. We want to encourage you to grow your business as quickly as possible, so we allow an unlimited number of prospect/enquiry records as well as past (inactive) client/member records in all Editions.

As the size of your business increases, you simply upgrade your licence to the next Edition of ClientConnect - nothing new to install or learn, just a new licence key to enter, and business continues without any disruption.

Flexible Pricing Models.

Flexible pricing options make the decision to use ClientConnect an easy one. Whether you prefer to purchase your software upfront or pay a monthly licence fee we have it covered. We even offer you the option to start out on the monthly licence fee and once you feel comfortable with your decision you can switch to buying it outright and we will reduce the purchase price by crediting off 50% of the monthly fees paid up to that point (conditions may apply).  We can’t get any fairer than that!

Even our low setup fee, which includes installation, configuration and training, is fixed and based on the size of your business. There are no hidden charges with us.

And remember the monthly licencing fee not only covers the cost of the software, but also includes unlimited support and software updates. For those that purchase upfront there is a modest monthly or annual fee to cover support and updates. 

We know that we have to provide a quality product and excellent customer service to both win and keep your business. And to guarantee that we deliver on this we have no lock in contracts or minimum licence there really is no risk!

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Our Editions

ClientConnect is distributed and priced according to the following Editions:

Starter Edition $50/mth

- for the single trainer with up to 50 active clients/members


Trainer Edition $100/mth

- for the small PT business with up to 150 active clients/members


Studio Edition $150/mth

- for the medium sized studio with up to 500 active clients/members


Studio Plus Edition $200/mth

- for the larger studio/small club with up to 1,000 active clients/members


Club Edition $250/mth

- for the medium to large sized club with more than 1,000 clients/members

All prices AUD ex GST. Contact us for the purchase option pricing.

ClientConnect is ideal for Personal Trainers, studios and small to medium sized clubs


Have more time to spend with your clients


Need membership key tags? 

Available to use with all club management software.

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