Tech Requirements

Please note that these guidelines are recommendations only.  ClientConnect can run on differing configurations depending upon your intended use and what other applications may be running.


  • MS Windows based business computer/s either a desktop or laptop. We prefer recognised brands to ensure you have good support from the supplier (Recommended).
  • ClientConnect can run on a MAC but there are some additional software requirements to run ClientConnect in a Windows Virtual Machine. Please contact us if you are considering or have a MAC and you are wanting to run ClientConnect. One option is to use Parallels. Click Learn more about Parallels to watch a brief overview video or speak to your Mac dealer.

Experiences of many Studios and Clubs has shown that in the long run it is preferable to purchase new computer hardware, rather than investing time and money upgrading an older computer/s. Reliability and availability of your computer hardware is essential to the smooth running of your business systems.

Recommended Windows Operating systems:

  • Windows 8/Windows 10 (Recommended)
    (see additional requirements to install under Windows 8/Windows 10)
  • Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit) Professional
  • Vista Business
  • Windows XP no longer supported 

Recommended hardware specifications:

  • 4GB or more memory recommended (Minimum 2GB)
  • Separate graphics card with its own memory (512MB/1GB) (Recommended)
  • Mid-range processors (e.g. i3/i5/i7)
  • Minimum 1024x768 screen resolution

Other Requirements:

  • MS Office 2007 or above recommended for maximising the use of ClientConnect features which integrate with MS Outlook, MS Word, MS Excel
  • Local Area Network (LAN) if using more than one computer and/or a server. Wireless networks not recommended.
  • Internet access recommended but not mandatory to enable us to provide full support and software updates.

Underlying Database Management System:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express (installed as part of the ClientConnect installation)

Support for POS Peripherals:

  • Cash drawers (USB, docket printer driven)
  • Barcode Scanners (USB and Serial) for POS and membership key tag scanning
  • Docket/Strip Receipt Printers (Serial Port)

SMS integration:

  • ClientConnect uses MessageNet as the SMS gateway provider. You simply need to open an account and purchase your SMS Credits online.

Billing Integration:

  • Several (Please contact PulseTec Solutions for further details).

Access Control Integration:

  • WinDSX Access Control from ISCS (Please contact PulseTec Solutions for further details).
  • Evolution 2 from CS Technologies (Please contact PulseTec Solutions for further details).

Accounting System Integration:

  • Reporting sub-system provides summary details that can be used to enter information into your accounting system.

Importing data to ClientConnect:

  • ClientConnect provides a data importer to import enquiry and member basic details from a MS Excel files.


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Use Parallels to run CliencConnect on your Mac


Suitable for single or networked laptops and desktops


Support for scanners, cash drawers and receipt printers


SMS integration and automated booking reminders


Need membership key tags? 

Available to use with all club management software.

Membership Key Tags